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Rippon Buff Indian Stone Calibrated 22mm

Rippon Buff Indian Stone Calibrated 22mm

Our high-quality Indian Sandstone is our go-to for patios as it is durable, versatile, and most importantly, very beautiful. Indian sandstone is composed mainly from quartz, feldspar, and other minerals that resist the weathering processes and make it especially well-suited for the harsh British environment! 

The vibrant colours and unique natural patterns that are formed over thousands of years are on full display, colours range from uniform greys to vivid multicolour buff and come in an array of sizes, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect combination with us!

Indian stone paving can last for decades if laid correctly, it can be sealed or left untreated and is ideal for pressure washing, making it the great choice for those looking for an easy to care for, low maintenance stone!


Technical info:

Thickness: 22mm calibrated

Pack size: 20.3sqm

Origin: India

Quantity (Patio)

900x600mm – x17

600x600mm – x17

600x290mm – x16

290x290mm - x14

Total – x64

Rippon Buff: A visually exciting stone named after the ochre, or ‘buff’, tones which are prominent throughout this multi-coloured sandstone option. When laid together the medley of colours, along with the unique natural veining of the stone, create a stunning pattern that is ideal for an injection of colour. This low maintenance Indian sandstone looks great both wet and dry and is guaranteed to transform your garden and patio. Choose from a natural riven texture for a traditional appearance or a smooth, sawn & honed finish for a contemporary look.




    PriceFrom £24.95
    1 Square meter
    VAT Included
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