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Red Kilcreggan Facing Brick

Red Kilcreggan Facing Brick

The Ibstock Facing Brick Kilcreggan Multi presents a red multi wire cut facing brick, boasting a drag-faced texture that's perfect for masonry projects. With frost-resistant properties and manufactured to BS EN 771-1 standards, this brick ensures reliability in various climates. Crafted from clay, renowned for its high thermal mass and low conductivity, it enhances acoustic insulation when integrated into buildings. Notably durable and strong, clay bricks offer a long service life, reusability, and steadfastness, making them a preferred choice for diverse construction endeavours.

Manufacturer: Ibstock

Type:               Facing Brick

Length:            215mm

Width:             102.5mm

Height:            65mm

Colour:             Red

Pack size:         500

    VAT Included
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